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Recent environmental writings, books, interviews, speaking, and publications



Anatomy of a Wolf Torturer.

CounterPunch (May 10, 2024).

Grief and Hope in the Face of the Failing Human Project. CounterPunch (November 17, 2023).

Must Environmental Leaders Conform? Or Dare We Actually Lead? Rewilding Earth (May, 2022).

and in Rewilding Earth (May 24, 2022)

Can the Wolf Unite Us?: Environmental Leadership in Polarized Times. CounterPunch (November 3, 2021).

For the Wolf. CounterPunch (October 2, 2021).

The Inherent Trauma of Conservation: Psychological Prerequisites for Saving the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Outside Bozeman (Summer 2021).

Wolf-Talk. CounterPunch (March 18, 2021).

Terra and Demos: A Unified Ethics for Conservation and the Human Quest. CounterPunch (November 6, 2020)

Yellowstone, Environmental Collapse, and Compromised Thinking. CounterPunch (August 31, 2020)

The Passing of the Wild Gallatins. The Missoulian (August 30, 2020).

& The Passing of the Wild Gallatins [uncut version]. Livingston Enterprise (September 1, 2020).

Return to Leopold: Dare We Speak Up for Yellowstone? CounterPunch (August 21, 2020)

Yellowstone Imperiled by Compromise. CounterPunch (August 13, 2020).

Conserving Politics or Conserving Nature? CounterPunch (May 7, 2020).

An Ethical Imperative: The Visionary "Impossible" in the Northern Rockies. CounterPunch (May 4, 2020).

"Compromise" Model Still Demands Ethics, Virtue. Bozeman Daily Chronicle  (April 17, 2020).

Green Rebuttal: Some Advocates Say Gallatin Forest Partnership Plan Sells Mountains, Wildlife Short. Mountain Journal (February 21, 2020).

We have time to shape the future of the Gallatin Range. Bozeman Daily Chronicle (February 1, 2020).

Are we giving the Wild Gallatins the visionary protection they really deserve? Mountain Journal (December 29, 2019).

We need wilderness with no apologies and no regrets. Mountain Journal (July 4, 2019).

A Contemporary Psychoanalytical Citizen: Working with the Unconscious in Cultural Life (2013). Presencing EPIS: A Scientific Journal of Applied Phenomenology and Psychoanalysis.


Presentations and Interviews

"Trans-generational group mind and Disputational Dialogue"

Cátedra de Estudios Críticos Avanzados (2a edición): Diplomado "Supervivencias"

“Mundialización y vida por fuera del orden social: ¿puede la subjetividad ir más allá de la determinación política?" (Conferencia en inglés, con traducción simultánea.)

“Globalization and life outside the social order: can subjectivity go beyond political determination?" (Conference in English, with simultaneous translation.)

An Interview at Instituto de Estudios Críticos (May 24, 2024) 

"Post-Hegemonic Democracy: The Be(com)ing of the Human and Civilization." Keynote Address at the Annual Conference of the Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Study. (April, 2024) Seattle, Washington.

"Hope and Integrity in the Face of the Failing Human Project." An Interview at Instituto de Estudios Criticos, Mexico City. (January, 2024)

"Grief and Hope in the Face of the Failing Human Project."  Apocalyptic Anxieties, Celebration Conference of the 40th Anniversary the Institute for the Humanities (October 29, 2023). Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

"Mainstream and Grassroots Environmentalism." KGVM interview (September 8, 2023). Billings, Montana.

"Grief, Internal Antagonisms, and the Future of Montana Environmentalism." September, 2023.  Five-day, five-city speaking and discussion tour across the mountainous southern tier of Montana.

"The Psychoanalytic Act in a Declining Biosphere and Civilization." Lack IV Conference (Spring, 2023). University of Vermont.

"The Unknown Demolition of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem: The Subject's Reliance of a Perverse Public Discourse."  Lacan Clinic and Culture Conference (Fall, 2022).  Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

"What if Environmental Leaders Actually Decided to Lead? Forthright Radio 10 June 2022

Psychoanalyzing the Modern Environmental Movement. Green Root Podcast (November 23, 2020).

Wilderness Conservation. Episode 115 Rendering Unconscious (October 24, 2020).

On Conservation Pathology. Wilderness Podcast (October 4, 2020).

Save the Wild Gallatins! Interviewed conjointly with George Wuerthner by Adam Bronstein on Wilderness Podcast (February 19, 2020). 

Joseph Scalia, Psychoanalyst, Environmentalist, and Social Critic. Interviewed by Dr. Vanessa Sinclair on Rendering Unconscious (January 26, 2020). Also posted on YouTube in video form at

Wilderness Without Compromise in the Gallatin Range. Wilderness Podcast (October 19, 2019).

“Psychoanalysis and Activism: Intimating an Intersection of Revolution, Love, and Aesthetics.” Lack III Conference (May 8-10, 2019). Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts.



“Wilderness and Psychoanalysis” (2021). In Rachman, A.W. and Kooden, H., Eds. Personal Passions, Unusual Journeys:  Different Pathways to Becoming a Psychoanalyst and Psychotherapist. London and New York: Routledge. This is part of a Psychoanalytic Inquiry Book Series, and is devoted to autobiographical sketches of senior psychoanalysts.


Intimate Violence: Attacks Upon Psychic Interiority; 2002; Columbia University Press.


The Vitality of Objects: Exploring the Work of Christopher Bollas; Editor; 2002; Continuum International in the UK and Wesleyan University Press in the USA.


Yellowstone Uncompromised. Promotional Video for Gallatin Yellowstone Wilderness Alliance (February 20, 2020).

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