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Consultancy and Social Intervention

Scalia's cultural-environmental work addresses the need for global transformations of politics and economics, of social relations, and of human subjectivity (i.e., that which constitutes the human) in order to ever adequately care for ourselves and for civilization, as well as for the Earth, or for its ability to support human life, not to mention its sustaining a sense of the aesthetic wonder and the biodiversity and geological solidity and awe-inspiration that it still contains.

In order to work toward such aims, educational services are provided and intergroup discursive communication is facilitated via guidance by psychoanalytic individual and group dynamic considerations and practices.
Examples of Interventions:
Large-group democratic gathering of, and listening among, (approximately 175) outraged and opposing-group citizens blaming each other for a series of five suicides in small town Livingston, Montana. (2015).
Large group gathering of (approximately 35) Livingston, Montana citizens intensely entrenched over opposing views on public displays of the Confederate flag. (2015).
Speaking tour, "Humanity, Society, Yellowstone," across Southcentral, Southwest, and Western Montana, emphasizing the dynamics among virulently opposing environmental groups and facilitating dialogical disputation among them. (September 6, 7, 8, 10, and 11, 2023, in Billings, Livingston, Bozeman, Helena, and Missoula, Montana).
"Impossible Transformations of Apocalyptic Anxieties," a forthcoming presentation to dysUnited, a small, eco-analyst group formed to deal with the censored considerations of ideological inculcation and unconscious drivers of how we defeat our own best conscious efforts.
Consultations/Group Interventions Rates:
$200 an hour, plus travel expenses and hotel accommodations when the work is not done virtually.


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